Urban Legends Conversation Cards


Dive into the mysterious and fascinating world of urban myths with Word Teasers: Urban Legends. This captivating conversation starter game is perfect for sparking intriguing discussions and learning about some of the most popular and eerie urban legends from around the world.


  Intriguing Content: Each card presents an urban legend that will captivate your imagination and spark lively discussions. Learn about the origins and variations of these mysterious tales.

Educational and Fun: This game not only entertains but also educates, providing background information and thought-provoking questions about each legend.

Family-Friendly: Designed for players of all ages, Word Teasers: Urban Legends is perfect for family game nights, gatherings, or any occasion that calls for a fun and engaging activity.

Compact and Portable: The game comes in a sturdy, stylish box, making it easy to bring along to parties, trips, or simply enjoy at home.

Award-Winning Quality: Recognized for its quality and educational value, this game is an excellent addition to any game collection.

How to Play:

 1. Draw a card and read the urban legend aloud.

2. Discuss the legend’s details and origins with friends or family.

3. Answer the questions provided on the card to delve deeper into the mystery.

4. Enjoy the engaging and thought-provoking conversations that follow!

Whether you’re looking to explore the eerie world of urban myths or simply enjoy a fascinating game with friends and family, Word Teasers: Urban Legends is the perfect choice. Talk, laugh, and learn with every card!