Pop! Horror Beetlejuice w/ Hat from Beetlejuice


We're not going to make you read through the whole handbook to get to the good stuff: be careful about calling Beetle—uh, you-know-who's name 3 times, or you could have a whole world of trouble on your hands!

Of course, it could also be totally fun to hang with Beetlejuice (Oops, that's 1) in your downtime! If you're more of a risk-taker, and/or you're totally obsessed with Tim Burton's 1988 classic ghost-comedy film, then this POP! Beetlejuice with Hat Vinyl Figure (eep, that's 2! Does it count if we mention it in a product name?!) is must-have for your collection. 

Product Features:
  • Figure is 4" tall
  • Stands by itself
  • Officially licensed