Glass 8oz Christmas Moose Mug Goblet

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You too can now enjoy your eggnog in a Moose Mug just like Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation. Each high quality, yet affordably priced mug is individually made from hand molded glass. These festive cups make unique gifts, perfect conversation pieces and unforgettable party favors.

"Plain Box" moose mugs are packed just as it a plain brown cardboard box. NO retail box is included. Mug is still brand was just damaged too much to be used.

Moose Mug Dimensions: Width (from antler to antler): 8-1/2" Height: 4-1/2" Front to Back (including snout) 4" Holds 8oz of liquid.

Please note that shipping box may have "glass moose mug" printed on the side.