50" Deluxe Full Size Christmas Leg Lamp



Introduce a touch of nostalgic whimsy to your home decor with the iconic Leg Lamp from “A Christmas Story.” Standing at 50 inches tall, this lamp features a stylishly fishnet-clad leg complete with a sleek black high heel, topped with a golden fringe-trimmed lampshade. Perfect for fans of the classic holiday movie, this conversation piece adds a playful and unique charm to any room. Ideal for living rooms, home theaters, or as a standout holiday decoration, the Leg Lamp is sure to bring a smile and spark memories of the beloved film. The 50-inch Deluxe Leg Lamp comes with a 20 inch wide, 100% polyester lampshade. The leg and socket under the lampshade light up independently or together and are controlled by one 3-way switch. Leg is made of plastic and the base is wood. Every leg lamp is shipped in a FRAGILE box. Wooden "FRAGILE" crate shipping is available for added authenticity allowing you to recreate the movie experience and provide the ultimate impact for delivery.

**Please note, Wood Crates cannot be returned.**